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Club Elections: November 13th 2022 at 3PM

Dear members:

As you might now, this Sunday, November 13th at 3PM, a court ordered Elections to the Club Board and Audit Committee will be held. The Election is a result of a frivolously filed lawsuit to challenge June 12th 2022 elections to fill the leadership positions vacant due to the numerous resignations of the former Board members, previously taken to court.

Attached below is the list of candidates received by 10/28/22 deadline.

The following names were submitted after 10/28 and are currently the write-in candidates: Anna Saczko – for Rental Director position, Witold Dębski for Building Director position, Teresa Maik for Secretary, and Anna Spencely to Audit Committee.

All positions are still open and members can submit their nominations for any position by email sent directly to the Polish Club Election Committee:

Judge Charles Pratt (cpratt@jaginc.com),

Ms. Katarzyna Zak (kasia.zak@ampf.com),

Ms. Katarzyna Szuta (kate.mszuta@gmail.com).

Floor /walk-in nominations will also be accepted on the day of the Election, this Sunday.

Door will be open at 2:30PM. Please arrive before 3PM to check in and receive your ballot.