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Bylaws & Constitution

Polish Club of Denver Constitution

Konstytucja Polskiego Klubu



Sec.1. The Executive Board shall allocate $500 per year for the purpose of recruiting new members into the organization from the greater Denver area. These funds shall be used for recruitment through the population of Polish descent of the existence of the Polish Club, its activities and benefits of membership.

It is not to be used for any other expenses in cultivating individual candidates, or candidates that could not support the Polish Club because of their geographical location of the Denver area, or candidates for associate or honorary memberships.

a) The Membership Director shall prepare a specific recruitment plan, together with expectations of results and costs to implement such a plan.

b) This plan will be submitted to the Executive Board for approval of funds for each specific project.

Sec.2. Categories or Class of Membership shall be limited to:

a) Member in good standing – Is one whose dues are paid in the current year.

b) Life Member – A person over 70 years of age, even when just joining the club. Life Members do not pay dues, but do have the same privileges as members in good standing. When either spouse reaches 70 years of age, this couple is considered “Life Member Couple.”

c) Retired Couple – When either spouse reaches retirement age of 65, this couple shall be considered “Retired Couple”, and pay half of the standard family dues.

d) Retired Single Member – Pays half of standard retied couple dues.

e) Honorary Member – A person who has no membership privileges, but is invited because of position, accomplishments, or other special circumstances as approved by the Executive Board.

Sec.3. Members in good standing have the following privileges:

a) Attend and fully participate in membership meeting regarding motions, debates, voting, elections and all other activities normally expected at a membership meeting.

b) Become a candidate for office if qualified.

c) Have access to Polish Club records.

d) Participate in all of the Polish Club business and social functions.

e) Receive copies of Polish Club’s official newsletter.

Sec.4. Procedure for accepting members:

a) A potential member must submit an application for membership to the committee, along with the appropriate fees and first year dues.

b) The membership committee shall review the application and determine the eligibility of the applicant; shall interview the applicant to determine desirability; and recommend to the Executive Board the candidates acceptance or rejection as a member of the Polish Club.

c) Acceptance shall be by majority affirmations of the Executive Board.


Sec.1. The Executive Board, consisting of five (5) elected officers and seven (7) directors as specified in the constitution, will manage the general business affairs of the Polish Club for the general good and benefit of the Club as directed and authorized by and through the votes of the members.

Sec.2. Specifically, the Executive Board will present to the members for their approval the following items and others of similar nature:

a) The amount of money that will be charged as dues for the different categories of membership.

b) A predetermined price to be charged for the admission to the various social functions; price is to be standard and will vary only for special programs. In any event, any change in price will be presented to members for approval.

c) A list of justified prices and any changes to prices to be charged for alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments at the bar.

d) The price schedule for renting of club facilities.

Sec.3. The Executive Board shall make recommendations regarding the operations of the Polish Club.

a) Appoint person(s) that will have primary responsibility for the operation of the bar.

b) Appoint person(s) that will have primary responsibility for the operation of the kitchen.

Sec.4. The Executive Board will meet regularly each month at least one (1) week before the general membership meeting.

Sec.5. Special meetings of the Executive Board may be called by the president, or by the secretary upon the written request of three members.

Sec.6. Each member of the Executive Board shall be elected by a majority vote of all members in attendance. If there is no majority on the first vote, all candidates, except the two (2) with the most number of votes, will be dropped from the ballot and a second vote will be taken.

Sec.7. No member of the Executive Board may hold more than one (1) elected office at any time.

Sec.8. Members of the Executive Board may be candidates for two (2) additional terms of office even if there are other candidates for that specific office.

Sec.9. General and specific responsibilities of the members of the Executive Board:


a) Observe and uphold the Constitution, By-Laws, and Standing Rules of the Polish Club.

b) Preside over all meetings of the Executive Board and of the general membership.

c) Make appointments to all committees except those elected by members.

d) At the presidentss discretion, may be a member of all committees except those elected by the members.

e) Sign all documents pertaining to the business and property ownership of the Polish Club, including, but not limited to, Service and Purchase Contracts, checks for disbursement of organization’s funds.

f) Perform all other responsibilities that may be normal to the office plus other responsibilities as authorized by the Polish Club Members.

g) Co-signs all checks with Treasurer.


a) Perform responsibilities of the President in the temporary absence of the President, or at the specific request of the President.

b) Perform responsibilities as assigned by the President.

c) Way-and-Means: plan and implement projects to fund raise for Club’s objective to meet its financial plans (bazaars, garage sales, book fairs, etc.)

d) Decorations: Be responsible for the Club’s decorations (from table decorations to Christmas trees). Know where and how everything is stored.

e) Work with Event/Dance Chairperson(s) and assist in finding appropriate decorations, informing to what extent and where decorations may be hung, and overseeing that all decorations are stored carefully and in their right place.

f) Work closely with the Social and Program Directors.

g) In the absence of the President, will co-sign club checks with Treasurer.

h) Perform such responsibilities as assigned by the President.


a) Send all certified or registered mail and all other official correspondence by mail.

b) Maintain Custody of the Corporate Seal.

c) Sign all documents pertaining to the ownership of real property, and affix the corporate seal.

d) Record minutes of general membership meetings, Executive Board meetings, and all special meetings.

e) Maintain files of Organization’s documents to include, but not limited to:

1) Minutes of meetings

2) Financial records such as reports, and all required licenses.

3) Reports on food inspection, fire inspection, and building inspection.

4) Inventories – Club and bar.

5) Rental agreements.

6) Information on traditional programs such as: 3rd of May Celebration, Pulaski/Kosciuszko Commemoration, Anniversary of Polish Club, Installation of Officers, etc.

f) Perform such responsibilities as assigned by the President


a) Will establish required bank accounts, deposit all organization funds and will be custodian of all funds of the Polish Club. Fund shall be deposited within 10 working days of receipt.

b) Will sign all checks for disbursement of funds. Two (2) signatures are required.

c) Will pay all obligations of the organization as authorized by the members and/or President.

d) Responsible for preparing an annual financial plan (Operations Budget) for the Polish Club together with other members of the Executive Board and present it to the Membership for approval at the January meeting (financial plan, etc.)

e) Keep a clear, detailed and documented record of all financial transactions.

f) Will report and account for all social and financial functions at the first general meeting after the event.

g) Collect all membership dues, fees, and monetary payments to the Polish Club and issue receipts for such funds when required.

h) Prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual reports on the financial status of the Polish Club and have these available for the members.

i) The quarterly and annual reports and other supplemental data, shall be made available to the audit committee for review.

j) Will reimburse members for any authorized expenditure on behalf of the Club, but only when the Treasurer receives a legitimate vendor or store receipt for expenditure.

k) Perform such responsibilities as assigned by the President.


a) Keep a record of all members that attend meetings.

b) Verify that only members in good standing participate at the meetings.

c) Consult with the President regarding the attendance of any non-members at any of the meetings.

d) Physically verify the count and eligibility of members before each voting. The count shall be recorded by the secretary.

e) Perform such responsibilities as assigned by the President.

NOTE: A counting of signatures in the record book is not count verification.


a) Membership Applications:

1. Make sure each application is filled out completely (phone numbers are very important).

2. Make sure to call each applicant and talk with him or her. Let them know what is available to them, what the club membership means, etc.

3. At the Board meetings, you will need signatures of the Membership Director, President, Treasurer, and Public Relations to complete the application.

4. File the application and fill out a history. Place in correct books.

5. Record the payment and give the check or cash to the Treasurer.

6. Fill out a membership card and seal the front with clear laminate. Stamp the back with the month and year and then initial.

7. Send the new member(s) the card and a note from yourself.

b) Mailing List:

1. Keep the mailing list up-to-date! Print out labels for the Public Relations Director for the Gazetka every month!

2. Add new members’ birthday on birthday list.

3. Keep note of all life members.

4. Send all life members a birthday card each year!

5. Send out get well cards,

6. Anniversary cards, new baby cards, and any other card of importance that you may learn from another member, Board, or President.

c) Member Mailings:

1) In January: send out a letter to each member the first week of January letting the member(s) know that their membership dues are due! Each member’s name, address and phone should be on this letter. When we get them back, update the membership addresses.

2) In March: If we do not receive a member’s dues by this time, send out another letter letting them know they will no longer receive the Gazetka. Show this in the books, as well as on the membership addresses.

3) Inform Public Relations Director not to send them any more Gazetkas, because they are no longer considered a member until dues are paid.

4) The dues are NOT PRORATED. If a family member doesn’t pay their dues until September or December, they are still $50!

5) Keep track of all members.

6) Copies of these letters are in your boo. Take a good look through it.

d) Flowers:

1) You are responsible to order plants/flowers and/or make visits for our sick members. The President should let you know when you should send out plants/flowers.

2) Call King Soopers (we have an account with them please mention that when you call). You will need to call them and add your name on as someone who can order flowers through the Polish Club.

e) Delinquent Members:

1) Any member, who has not paid their dues for a year, must fill out a NEW application. This is a benefit for everyone involved. They often change their names, addresses, etc.

2) Do not send another Gazetka out and they are no longer considered a member until they pay their dues. The dues are NOT PRORATED.

3) Delinquent members may no longer get into any function at the club for the club member price! That includes hall rentals!

f) Perform such responsibilities as assigned by the President.


a) Responsible for the upkeep, maintenance, and repair of the physical building in its entirety and for all surrounding Polish Club property and improvement to all equipment and furniture belonging to the Polish Club.

b) Recommend any major improvement projects, or repairs that are required in the facility. Recommendations will be accompanied by adequate information on costs, type of work, length of time to complete, and the consequences, if any, if appropriate action is not taken.

c) Coordinate with supply director for the procurement of supplies required to maintain the Polish Club property in clean and functioning order.

d) Obtain assistance, either paid or voluntary, to keep the premises and outside areas clean and presentable and ready for use at all times.

e) Perform such responsibilities as assigned by the President.


a) Responsible for the kitchen, all kitchen inventories, organize the shopping and preparation of food, and kitchen helpers.

b) Work with the Vice-President for fund raising, decorating, etc.

c) Work with Program Director when planning calendar of events, etc.

d) Work with Public Relations Director to advertise dinner plans, etc.

e) Perform such responsibilities as assigned by the President.


a) Responsible for the calendar of events for member participation to be prepared and ready by January Membership Meeting and maintain the stability of the Activity/Events calendar for members’ plans.

b) Shall do or delegate a volunteer for each event to make a flier, print copies, and to distribute fliers as set up in standing rules.

c) Perform or appoint volunteer club member to become chairperson of a specific dance/event. The chairperson shall:

1) Be responsible for the operation of the bar.

2) Getting volunteers for the bar and setting a written schedule.

3) Coordinating a menu with the Social Director.

4) Getting volunteers to operate the kitchen.

5) Decorate the club and remove decorations after event.

d) Will establish a list of qualified musical/groups/performers/etc. To provide dancing music (at social events) lights, microphone, background music (for performers/entertainers). The list shall be approved by the Board and Members.

e) Works closely with Vice-President, Social, Public Relations Directors, and events Chairperson(s) to ensure success of said events.

f) Assure that all members are notified in advance of upcoming programs that were not scheduled.

g) Responsible for planning and implementing fund raising activities to help meet the objectives of the Polish Club’s Financial Plan.

h) Perform such responsibilities as assigned by the President.


a) Responsible for the image that the Polish Club presents to the Denver community.

b) Will establish a relationship with appropriate newspaper, radio, and television personnel to facilitate providing information on the presence of the Polish Club.

c) Will be responsible for the publication of the Polish Club “Gazetka”. May appoint a volunteer member as Editor.

d) Will be responsible for the content of information released to the public.

e) Will formulate a public relations plan indicating what is to be done, when it is to be done, and how often it needs to be done, to keep the name of the Polish Club in front of the Polish Community and prospective members.

f) Perform such responsibilities as assigned by the President.


a) Responsible for renting Club hall to members and general public.

b) Will be responsible in getting security guards for rentals.

c) Will be responsible in getting and training club members to sit in the club and immediately after rental, check hall with the renter to see if there are any damages and to what extent and write in on contract.

d) Arrange to have the hall cleaned after rentals.

e) Will turn in all monies collected from rentals, immediately to the Club Treasurer or specific officer as designated in absence of the Treasurer.

f) Perform such responsibilities as assigned by the President.


a) Responsible for the availability of supplies at the Polish Club.

b) Responsible for developing sources for the procurement of all supplies needed by the Polish Club for its operations and functions; such sources should provide an acceptable combination of price, quality, and quantity.

c) Shall be or appoints a bartender to run the Club’s bar.

d) Shall be responsible to obtain volunteer member bartenders when Chairperson of dance/event asks for that service.

e) Set up the bar as well as the water for sanitation and washing bar glasses (sanitation inspection ready).

f) Perform such responsibilities as assigned by the President.


Sec.1. General Membership meetings shall be held at a scheduled time on the second Sunday of the designated month except the months declared as vacation months. The meeting shall be held at the Polish Club building.

Sec.2. All meetings will be conducted according to the rules and guidelines specified in the Constitution and By-laws. Meetings will be both in the Polish and English language as necessary for everyone to understand the proceedings.

Sec.3. Roberts Rules of Order, the current edition in the Polish Club’s possession, shall be used as authority on subjects not covered by the Constitution and By-laws. This book is revised every ten (10) years or so. Club should up-to-date on all rights of members.

Sec.4. All meetings of the Executive Board and the members shall be conducted in the following order:

1. Call to order by the presiding Officer.

2. Opening ceremony – may include invocation, Polish or American National Anthem, or Pledge of Allegiance.

3. Roll Call – the Sergeant-at-Arms gives the Secretary the number of members present at the meeting. A determination is made if a legal assembly quorum of officers and members is present.

a) If a quorum is not present, the presiding officer adjourns.

b) If a quorum is present, the presiding officer continues.

4. The Secretary reads the minutes from the previous meeting.

a) The President asks for corrections to the minutes.

b) The President asks for a motion to accept the minutes as read or as corrected.

5. The Treasurer reads the financial report.

a) The floor may be opened for discussion prior to filing for audit.

b) The President asks for motion to file report for audit.

6. Reports from Officers, Directors, Committees, as applicable.

7. Unfinished business – from previous meetings.

8. New business:

a) Authorizing action on any correspondence or verbal communication either internal or external to the Polish Club.

b) Introduction of new subjects to the members or by the members.

9. Announcements by members or Officers that may be of general interest or benefit to the members.

10. Adjournment – a motion is made, seconded, and passed.

Sec.5. In order that each member in good standing will have the right to speak and be heard, to conduct a discussion with other members on a given subject, and not be silenced arbitrarily and capriciously by the President, and in order that each member fully understands motions, debates, and action on the motion, the following procedures will be observed:

a) A member may ask for the floor for a general discussion on a specific subject to either impart information, gain information, or to raise a question regarding the proceedings or operations of the Polish Club. The floor will be granted to the member if the member is not “out of order”, that is if there is no open business on the floor.

1. If a question is asked of the officers, it will be answered

2. If a statement or suggestion is made, it will be addressed by an officer, or referred to the membership.

3. After a member makes a statement, an open discussion may follow, but may not exceed ten (10) minutes, after which the motion must be made on that subject, and followed by a second to the motion, before discussion can be continued.

b) A motion for consideration is presented as follows:

1. A member may take a motion, stating the subject briefly and precisely.

2. The President asks for a second to that motion. If the motion is not seconded, it dies on the floor.

3. When the motion receives a second, the Secretary enters the motion into the minutes exactly as originally presented.

4. The President opens the floor for discussion on the subject matter of the motion.

5. The debate on the motion shall continue until all meaningful discussions are completed. There will be no silencing or ignoring of members in the interest of time. Members have the right to voice their concern for the good of the Polish Club.

6. When discussion is ended and before the vote, the President will ask the Secretary to read the motion to assure it is entered into the minutes as originally stated by the member making the motion, and that it is understood by all members. (Motion should be read both in Polish and English languages).

7. The President calls for a vote in favor of the motion; counts the members (standing or raised hands) in favor, and announces the number.

8. The President then calls for a vote against the motion, counts the members voting against and announces the number.

9. The President states whether the motion is carried or lost.

NOTE: Before a “NO” vote is taken, any member may make amendments or renew the debate and the process starts over again.


Sec.1. Voting on elected officers shall be by ballot only:

a) Each officer position shall be voted separately and must be concluded before voting on the next office position.

b) There will be no secrecy in counting votes. The count shall be open and in front of members. As each ballot is opened, the recipient of the vote shall be announced, and a tally will be kept by the Election Committee and, also, be posted on the blackboard for members to witness.

c) A member of the Election Committee shall announce results of a vote in the following manner:

1. The entire number of votes cast is … … … .

2. The number necessary for election is … … …. (majority vote of all members in attendance).

3. Each candidate is named and the number of votes received.

4. Name the candidate receiving the required number of votes as being elected.

d) If there is only one candidate for an office, the chairman of the Election Committee shall declare that candidate elected to that office.

Sec.2. Voting on motions shall be by a show of hands or members standing.

a) In a two-thirds ( ) vote of members present requirement, the President will announce the number of votes required to carry the motion before the start of voting.

b) The “yes” count must be equal to or greater than the number stated or the motion is not passed.

c) In a majority of votes cast requirement (all voting except elections and amendments) the President will count the votes in favor, count the votes against; announce the numbers, and will state if the motion is “Passed” or “Not Passed”.


Sec.1. The scholarship Fund is created specifically to: Award scholarships to students, who are members, or who are the children of members of the Polish Club, and these students are pursuing education at the college or university level.

Sec.2. A Scholarship committee will consist of three (3) permanent members appointed by the President and approved by the Executive Board. A vacancy in the committee can be created only by resignation, recall by the Executive Board, or other similarly valid reason.

Sec.3. The Executive Board shall allocate $1,000 each year to the Scholarship Fund – the money may be provided through fund raising activities and/or directly from the Polish Club’s treasury.

Sec.4. Scholarship Fund will be kept in a separate account from the Clubs’s accounts.


Sec.1. The advisory Committee shall bring continuity and plan for the future of the Polish Club by offering recommendations, give advice, and assist the President and Executive Board.

Sec.2. The Advisory committee will consist of five (5) members appointed by the President and approved by the Executive Board.

Sec.3. Each member’s five (5) – year term of office ends on January 1st of a different designated year, with one new member appointed yearly to take the place of the retiring member.

Sec.4. When a member cannot complete the full five (5) – year term, then a new member is appointed to serve out the rest of the term left.

Sec.5. The committee shall be chosen from a cross-section of the Club.

Sec.6. Should a committee member run and be elected to an office on the Board, they shall resign their position on the committee.

Sec.7. Advisory Committee meets at least two (2) times a year.

Sec.8. Advisory Committee chooses a Chairperson/Secretary from among the five (5) – committee members.

Sec.9. The Advisory Committee shall send a representative to the Club’s Board meetings.


Sec.1. “Standing Rules” is a compilation of existing practices based on past decisions and authorizations by the membership. It is a record of directives by the members of the Polish Club taken from official minutes of meetings. (It is not a list of Amendments to the Constitution or to the By-laws).

Sec.2. Rules may be added, deleted, or revised by a majority of the votes cast in a quorum.

Sec.3. Standing Rules may include such things as membership dues, hall rental fees, member amenities, and charges established for drinks, food, admission, and other similar items.