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Become a member of the Polish Club of Denver – Zostań członkiem Polskiego Klubu

Membership Benefits:

1. Students, who have completed their first year of higher education, may apply for the Polish Club of Denver Annual Scholarship of up to $1000.

2. Polish Club members receive discounts on a club rental for a family function. (Subject to availability.)

3. Members receive discounts on admission to various club organized events with the exception of New Year’s Eve Ball andcertain concerts.

4. Members receive the “Gazetka” which is the official Polish Club of Denver monthly newsletter.

5. The Polish Club of Denver houses a Polish and English Library.

6. Members have free admission to the club’s annual Christmas “Oplatek”.

7. In addition, the Club financially supports St. Joseph’s Parish and Polish language school.

To become a Polish Club of Denver member, please complete the Membership Application print and mail it to the club address along with the appropriate annual dues. You have the option of bringing the application along with payment to the club in person at the next club function or by appointment.


Annual Dues:

Single over 18 years of age:
Single Retired (over 65 years of age):
Retired couple (over 65 years of age):
Single Retired (over 65 years of age)/Discounted Single Membership (after July):
Retired couple (over 65 years of age)/Discounted Family Membership (after July):

Members who are 70 years or over receive Lifetime Membership status after three years of paid membership in the Polish Club.