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Membership Application

Polish Club of Denver Membership Application

  • I/We do hereby petition the Polish Club of Denver to accept this application as my/our formal request for membership and respectfully request that it be given consideration by the Membership Committee and the Board Members without delay. I/We understand that the decision to approve, or to decline this application, shall rest entirely with the current Membership Committee and Board Members and be considered final. Upon approval of this application and acceptance into the Polish Club of Denver, I/We pledge to uphold the Club’s Constitution, By-Laws, and Standing Rules, to treat my fellow members with respect, to actively promote Polish-American heritage and culture, to support club programs and activities which are good for the Polish community. I/We pledge to govern myself/ourselves accordingly in all matters related to the Polish Club of Denver. Please type your name below to sign this application.
  • Please remit appropriate payment to the Polish Club of Denver via mail or submit it to the Membership Director at the next members meeting. We accept cash or checks only.



Section 1 – Any member in good standing may recommend eligible person for regular membership by submitting an official application, along with first year dues, to the Membership Committee for processing.
Section 2 – The applicant/s must be of Polish descent by birth, be married to, or be adopted by an American of Polish descent, and must be at least 18 years of age, of good character, and must not be a member of any subversive group (s).

Section 2 – Categories or Class of Membership shall be limited to:
a)Member in good standing – anyone whose dues are paid in the current year.
b)Life Member – when a person or either spouse reaches 70 years of age, they qualify to no longer pay dues. They retain the same privileges as members in good standing. If the person is already 70 years old, they may join as a Life Member.
c)Retired Couple – when either spouse reaches 65 years of age, the couple qualifies to pay half of the family dues.
d)Retired Single Member – a member 65 years or older pays half of standard retired couple dues.
e)Honorary Member – a person who has no membership privileges, but is invited bec
ause of position, accomplishments, or other special circumstances as approved by the Executive Board.
Section 3 – Members in Good Standing have the following privileges:
f)Attend and fully participate in membership meeting regarding motions, debates, voting, elections, and all other normal activities expected at a membership meeting.
g)Become a candidate for office if qualified.
h)Have access to Polish Club records.
i)Participate in all of the Polish Club business and social functions.
j)Receive copies of Polish Club’s official newsletter “Gazetka”.

AFTER FORMAL ACCEPTANCE: You shall receive a copy of the Polish Club of Denver’s Constitution, By-laws, and Standing Rules when you attend a Membership Meeting or social event.

Family – $60, Single/Retired Couple – $30, Retired Single – $15, Life Member (70+) – Free
PRORATED MEMBERSHIP DUES: January-June 100% regular dues; July-December:50% off regular dues.